Yoga has played a big role in my life. I owe my gratitude to Sakina Kapadia for an amazing experience. She is exceptionally professional in aligning the body, mind and soul. She goes that extra mile to give her 110% in class. I Wish her the very best in her future endeavours.
With due respect to all my teachers for what I’m today, you are one of a kind who makes me grow day by day. For everyone else your place might be a “Yoga Zone”, for me it is the most “Clutter Free Zone”
In one pose you teach us how to be grounded even when we reach for the sky, while in the other you make us stand like a Warrior which gives us a high
You teach us how to comeback gracefully from every pose, it can be implemented in every aspect of life… so close,
You teach us how to surrender ourselves to become even more strong, this makes us realise and accept when we do something wrong.
One day I’m gonna do this pose and dedicate it to you, this is what a student like me can do for a Great Teacher like you.
I have been practicing yoga at Sakina’s yoga class for a little over an year now. When I look back I feel I've added a year to my life, totally feel a year younger thanks to the marvellous trainer for creating an environment of realness, an environment where you can step onto the mat and expand into your body, breathe into all the places and deep down in the shadows. There is permission to come exactly as you are and celebrate that place. I came in with a lot of ailments not all are healed but I feel more stronger physically & mentally to face them. The laughter she brings in is an added therapy which heals our sprits thoroughly & take our energy to next levels.
Each of her class is a blend of ancient teachings, modern cues, precise physical instruction, an easeful place to inhabit.”
Sakina, it has been nearly four years since I joined your class and in these years I have never felt you taking same, repetitive classes. Everyday you teach us something different and keep it interesting.

Over the years I realised that yoga does not only help us stay physically fit but also equips us with the power to keep our minds healthy and keeps us grounded. One hour of practice did the magic of controlling my mind and the efforts to do the small changes in my daily practice has improved my flexibility greatly, which, a few years back I couldn't have imagined.

You are an active and a motivating teacher and have guided us through all the balancing postures. You taught me to do yoga mindfully and conscientiously. Today yoga has become an integral part in my life and all this has been true because of you.
I started practicing yoga with Sakina in place of the gym but soon realised its a different ball game altogether. I had practiced yoga before with a guruji, but this was a totally new experience. I started looking forward to each class whereas I had to push myself to go to the gym.

Each day was different with new experiences, new challenges and new limits. She taught me that its my practice and not what the others are doing. She encouraged me to practice yoga with closed eyes. My whole perception changed. Today its just me and her voice - and its absolutely amazing and unbelievable.

Sakina’s classes are not just yoga, they teach you so many things about the physical and spiritual body. It is one hour of pure meditation without everyday thoughts bothering you. Its simply beautiful and brilliant. Sakina makes an amazing concoction everyday.
For me, Sakina, your Yoga is nothing short of a religion. It has been 4 years now since I began my practice with you, and I still remember my first day, how I was dragged into your class by a friend. Today 4 years later I am still continuously surprised at the lengths and depths the twists and turns, the bends and the folding over. Both my body and my mind are made to do everyday. Beyond any form of exercise, beyond any meditative experience, beyond any prayer, the one hour I spend in class with you means far beyond anything I could have asked for.
I was on an year's sabbatical from Australia and was looking for a yoga teacher to continue my practise, and my quest ended with Sakina. From the very first class I have enjoyed Sakina's teaching methodology. In addition to she being a fantastic practitioners, she is also an excellent teacher, instilling a love of yoga in her students with skill, passion and compassion.She shares the wisdom of traditional practices hand in hand with the practical application to our daily lives. Thanks Sakina and wish you all the very best in your next yogic journey!
How I learned to apply the lessons we learn on the Yoga Mat, to life off the Mat:- Here's the thing.

Like most people I turned to Yoga to feel better in my body. But instead I found a path through my teacher to feel better in my life too. I took my first Yoga class very tentatively.Sakina my yoga teacher was great, full of joy, energy and possibilities, for no superficial reasons. She's my "How".She seemed perma-dialled into "having a good day, no matter what". And I was hooked.

I Started practicing with Sakina, who comes from a place of genuine love and wanting to help people feel better in their bodies and their lives.Her inner passion translates into everything she does. It resonated with a lot of people, me included.I saw a change that started happening in myself ,a change of the environment I was in , and everything got easy for some reason.What a gift! Keep shining Sakina. You are truly such an inspiration to us.
"In a world of excesses, our mind, body, emotions and spirits have much need of grounding and I am so blessed to have Sakina in my life to bring me all of this through her wonderful practice of yoga.

I have been her student for the last four years and each day of practice brings a new rigour, discipline and creates a new muscle memory which stays long in the body after class is over. Yoga with Sakina has taught me lifes lessons in a way…bringing about a balance in everything I do... curbing and enhancing flexibility appropriately and translating these energies into my every day routine.

I thank her for instilling in me a love of yoga with all her skill passion and compassion and changing my life for the better."
I have been attending Sakina's yoga classes for the last 3 years. I must say that apart from being throughly professional, she is a super yoga instructor, the grace and nimbleness with which he conducts herself somehow petters down to the entire class. Another aspect of her instructions, is that no two classes are the same, if not, like all things routine, it can become boring. To simple put it, SAKINA is a class act.
I am amongst the fortunate to have found you as my yoga guru.

Thank you for my practice.
YOGA is about finding your connect with your own SELF. Once you figure that out - it is then about making more of those connections - to the point that - it becomes a state of your BEING. Sakina makes this journey - a reality, a possibility. She will probably never put it that way - she doesn't theorise much - she just does it. Every single day - relentlessly. effortlessly ( thats what it feels like - when you start knowing her ) - she creates these opportunities - wherein - you can just go and seek yourself.

A lot of my initial conversations with her were around - how her classes / sessions  would facilitate a space - for me - to get into MY SPACE? She used say - everyone makes his / hers - That answer never made me happy - My experiences were contrary to that though. Through her everyday variations she keeps weaving in multiple situations - and - you end up finding yours. Thats what she meant - when she used to say - everyone finds their own rhythms / space. She is extremely thoughtful and tactful around those variations - she might look otherwise though, the point that I am trying to make is - there is something for everyone.

At sakina's - you not only get to BE - with a good teacher - but you simply end up in a state of BEING. Lovely studio - a very minimalist feel to it - clean and handy accessories - a lot of inspiring props - for achieving the said state of Asana - and to top it up - Sakina herself. Watching her in a state of YOGA is an absolute treat. Sakina is also someone who seeks to reinterpret YOGA to our times. That was a huge connect for me - I always felt that - with changing lifestyles / times - we need to reinterpret everything that we seek - Finding a teacher with whom you can share these perspectives is not only a huge relief but the whole seeking then just becomes that much more meaningful.

I adore her for her work that she is silently putting in - helping anyone / everyone - who is in the quest to help themselves. Thats what you embark on when you get into YOGA ! ! - you take care of your SELF.

I wish her the VERY BEST - for everything in her life.
Yoga has helped me discover myself and I am eternal student in life. This I have leant through my very dear teacher, “Sakina Kapadia - The Founder of Divine Tree Yoga Studio”.

Yoga is not a physical practice alone. It teaches one so much beyond just the physical body on the mat. Being rooted, standing tall, surrendering, accepting our limits, and moving on… Yoga disciplines one’s way to live life, with life.

Sakina has holistically taught me the science of connecting with myself through Yoga. Her practice is a perfect balance of asana and understanding how the concentration on the mat makes me live my everyday. She encouraged me to do the Intensive 200 hour teacher training course to understand my body, get the fine balance in life through Yoga, when I moved to a place distant from her. Even today she is just a phone call away to advice me on my practice and always willing to help me with my limitations.

Today, I am practicing yoga only because Sakina made me experience the benefits of it in life. My every Yoga practice feels so complete only when I express gratitude for it. Thank You Sakina for being so awesome a YOGA teacher, a true friend and honest guide.
There is a certain joy in doing yoga with Sakina. Both the body and mind get refreshed every morning like a blackboard being wiped clean of all its previous clutter.

In all probability, I was a difficult student but Sakina still ensured that I felt comfortable. A smooth transition from instructor to friend & mentor is really the essence of what makes Sakina so special. Even in a class, the attention was personal. She measures with perfect precision the strengths (and in my case) plenty of weaknesses which were then worked on with persistent, and, on occasion, ruthless efficiency. The body was gently but surely coaxed, cajoled and teased into accepting ever higher standards of flexibility & endurance. The old, persistent aches & pains as I knew them quickly vanished. Even in my golden years, I began to feel young again - more relaxed & energetic, more confident of the future.

Now, in another city, I miss the workouts & the classes; even the sweet pains that were inflicted in the course of administering a rigorous regimen. I miss complaining about them too and I would not have changed all that for anything in the world.

It was delightful having met you & for having turned yoga into such a wonderful experience. All the very best for your new endeavour & hope you continue to transform many other lives with your positive & creative energy.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the beautiful world of yoga.Its fun and a great experience in every class that I have attended with you so far for the past one year. Your class is like my cup of coffee that makes me full if energy. I love coming for my yoga classes.

The energy at the studio is so positive and welcoming. Your minute instructions at every asan makes it easy,always u know when I needed to be pushed when I needed to relax. I can honestly say that Sakina with your yoga class my life has changed.the way I c myself n the world around seems all positive.I hope through yoga I continue to evolve..Thank you for showing me the love for yoga.
I have been practicing Yoga with Sakina for over 5 years now, she is not only a skilled yoga practitioner but also an excellent teacher. She focuses on both the physical and the therapeutic aspects of yoga. In simple and precise terms she explains various asanas which is easily understood by her students. The individual attention she gives to each of her students ensures that each one of them gets the full benefits of the yogic science.

I have seen Sakina help people who have complained of chronic headaches, insomnia, excess body weight and many other issues through the yoga practice.For me personally she has helped me develop harmony between my mind, body and soul.

Thank you Sakina for making me an addict of this practice.
It was over a year ago that I joined Sakina’s yoga classes, admittedly with quite a bit of reluctance. My previous stint with a power yoga class had not been very convincing and I was apprehensive how these classes would be. Moreover, my earlier years in Bangalore where I had learnt yoga from an incredible teacher were a hindrance and preventing me from going to any other guru and starting all over again.

But then, all that was to change and am so grateful it did. After a year and a half of resting my yoga mat, which was tucked away in the confines of my garage, in an obscure corner gathering dust, I was finally able to start with a demo class in the wintry evening of November 2014. From then on to now, it has been amazing to learn from a guru who is so dedicated, determined, attentive to details, but at the same time, grounded and sensitive. There were times when I confess, I would feel lazy, times when the body would pain and I had no inclination to go to class or times when a chaotic routine would play spoilsport. It happens now too, but thankfully, the feeling is not as overwhelming as it was earlier.

And, all that is because of the way Sakina conducts her classes. She has this amazing knack of re-inventing, so one gets to learn something new all the time. Also, she is one who not only preaches, but leads by example too. I feel so blessed to be part of her class, which has helped me on the physical, emotional, and to some extent the spiritual level too. Therefore, I am so thankful to her in more ways than one.

There are numerous ways one can keep fit, but I guess yoga and that too with a guru like Sakina have led me to believe that truly, yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life. I wish her and her studio all the very best in the years to come.